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Abu Simbel Airport

Abu Simbel Airport (HEBL) hasn't published a METAR.
We found the following current weather conditions for Abu Simbel from other sources.

Abu Simbel Airport (HEBL) METAR

  • Weather conditions right now at HEBL:
  • Present conditions: Clear
  • Clouds: Clear sky
  • Cloud cover: 0%
  • Wind: 11 at 11kts
  • Temperature: 34.8 celsius
  • Feels like: 32.2 celsius
  • Pressure: 1010mb
  • Humidity: 11%

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Abu Simbel Airport

TAF HEBL 200500Z 2006/2112 36012KT CAVOK
Observation time: 3:26 hr. ago
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Parsed version of TAF for Abu Simbel Airport (HEBL)

  • From 20 May at 06:00 UTC, to day 21 of the month at 12:00 UTC
  • Visibility: Greater than 10 km
  • Wind: 360 degrees at 12

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